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Thank you parents

Dear parents,

I want to thank you for allowing me to coach your children this year. I also want to thank all the kids for making that possible. This will be my 25th season coaching and I am excited about impacting young people each time I coach. I always have a wonderful experience when coaching these young global leaders as they may do great and influential work someday which is why I take our time together very seriously.

My goal will be to encourage each individual to strive for success each time they have the opportunity. I believe these various sessions, retreats and camps have given me the perfect arena to challenge, motivate and inspire your children by taking various individuals and creating a group of young people who could possibly impact their environment and even the world.

In order to have this goal met I will need your support as parents. I realize your schedules are demanding and sometimes other activities are more important. I am asking you to commit to these very important goals so we can make sure these young people reach their full potential.


Wonkemi (Coach G.) Gongar

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