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The BS4 Coaching Strategies

The BS4 Coaching Strategies

At Beyond Sight we believe direction is vital in achieving success. This is one of the reasons why in the case of working with various groups we focus on the leaders such as owners, managers, and supervisors first. We do this because we find that some leaders have difficulty relaying their vision to their teams. As a leader you may feel you have the best methods or practices to implement to your team or business which in some cases you may be right.

At Beyond Sight we believe we can get even better results just by making a few adjustments by using industry leading spiritualty sensitivity practices. A leader needs to be like a salesperson when relaying their vision and action plan. The team must believe in what you are selling. And that leader or supervisor has to know how to sell their product understanding each team member.

The team is made up of diverse individuals who need different solutions to operate at their very best. So whatever vision and action plan being relay to them must be adjusted to everyone’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. In this case the owner, manager, and supervisor are on the same page so there is no confusion.

In the intake process we find out what the leadership team has already implemented and talk about how that implementation is working before any strategy is taken. We honor the leadership and respect what effort has already been accomplished.

The BS4 Coaching Strategies Focal Points

1. Support with leader’s vision

2. Support with selling your vision

3. Support with implementation of your vision

4.Support with measuring your vision

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