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Transition Pt 1

Transition is very difficult. I am sure that isn't new news to most of you. I've found that the key to preparing yourself for transition is to remember that it is a part of life. Most of us like our comfort zones, and we don't want anything or anyone to take us outside of our comfort zones. We feel we have a right to the places of comfort and routine we have established; because we need that place of safety and solace to retreat to from our busy and chaotic lives. We cling with desperation to those things that bring us security. If we feel like those things are being threatened to be removed from our lives, we hold on tighter, digging our nails in deeper, in hopes that in our human strength, will, and might that we can prevent the collapse of this safe world that we have created.

The only problem is that transition is something that you can't fight against and win. Transition comes whether you are prepared for it or not. If transition does warn you, it means that you are paying attention to the season of life that you are in, or you may be the type of person who has learned from past experiences, and now you have learned to never get too comfortable.

As we look around our country there are unseen forces that are too powerful for us to contend with, such as the weather. Just as meteorologists predict patterns of weather and how we are to respond to it, it is critical that we recognize the season of life that is approaching us and position ourselves. When we recognize that the season of change is upon us, we can start to transition the attitudes we have against getting out of our comfort zones. Our excuse can't be that we didn't know or that we didn't see it coming. Take time to pause, reflect, and listen to the signs in your life. It may be a small quiet voice, but If you just look around you, the signs are everywhere.

All of the people in the path of natural disasters around the United States may have prepared the best they knew how for the approaching storm. Some were saved from devastation, but some of them lost everything. We cannot always be prepared for everything or be saved from losing all we have. However, transition in some form will come to all of us. If we start to learn that we are not in control, and if we start to recognize the season we are in and adjust and position ourselves to impending change; transition can be an amazing journey of learning who you were created to be, it can show you your true purpose, and bring you to a place of promotion you would've otherwise never achieved. Let's embrace change, dare to live outside of our comfort zone, and make transition our new focus.

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